About The Guys

 This blog will be a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous look into some teen issues we've all seen or had problems with. Depression, friendships, divorce, relationships, mental illnesses, parents, money... Welcome to The World Thru Our Fingertips!

Josh and Aaron have been good friends since 2007, when they were neighbors in Montana. Even though they moved away from each other a few years ago, they've kept in regular contact with each other.

I'm Aaron Hawkins. I'm sixteen years old. I'm not religious, I was homeschooled until I was fourteen (I joined public highschool halfway through Freshman year) and I have more liberal and less moral views than Josh. I have a deep voice, I "Talk" in Courier font, and I'm a nerd. And not in the cute hipster way, either.

 And I'm not! My name is Josh Daley and I am 17 years old. Not too mention TALLER than Aaron. A fact he still to this day wonders how it ever came to be. I am a Christian and more conservative when it comes it politics and such. If and when I ever choose to bother with them. I have a disease called OALD. OverActiveLaughing Disorder. It is contagious, so beware. I have a lovely lady, so that right there could define me. My life's goal is to have and bring to others faith, love, and happiness. Oh, and I'm gonna learn to moonwalk. That IS on my bucket list. There are two ways you will be able to distinguish my talk from Aarons: It will have my name on it, and it will be in "Trebuchet" font. Oh, and I will probably use smaller words then Aaron. He has me beat there. Toodles!