Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is 3D really worth it?

Is it? IS IT?!

Is it really worth that extra money to put on some funky, albeit cool glasses and have things leap out at you from the screen in pretty colors?

Josh: I dare say not! Are you kidding me? You already charge me 8 dollars for a single ticket, and now you want me to pay and extra dollar fifty for 3D that doesn't do anything for practically all of its movies? You can go pound sand! But, that all being ranted, I will say that the 3D glasses are quite awesome and I am sad whenever I have to give them back.

Aaron: Well, 3D is pretty cool. But at this point in time, it's just not worth the cost and the headache, especially for people like me, who have to wear glasses constantly! The coolness factor for 3D glasses quickly drops to zero when you've got nerdy glasses on under them. At this point in time, 3D seems like a gimmick to get people to pay more for movies. Maybe in the future, if it's done right, it could be pretty cool--but for now, it's just not appealing.

Josh: Agreed!

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