Friday, September 23, 2011

Guy meets girl. They talk for ten minutes. Everyone now assumes they're going out.

Okay. Here, is a common scenario I have discussed with Aaron a LOT!

Anytime a guy and a girl talk more besides the formal "whats up?" and "How you doing?", and everyone assumes the "like" each other. And, if God forbid, they spend any time together, everyone "knows" they "like" each other.

Josh: Now, I for one Aaron, find this scenario extremely annoying! In my oh-so-humble opinion, it IS possible for two people of the opposite sex to hang together without having a romantic interest in each other!

Aaron: I think it's annoying as well. However, it's used that often for a reason. So often, teenagers don't need any excuse at all to "like" each other in a romantic way. Had a good discussion with somebody? Must be love! Waved at somebody? Love! Glanced at a cute person and your heart stopped? Love at first sight!

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  1. Yep, seen/experienced this before. Though I hope now I'm more in the objective than subjective camp.


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